Future Development

Anticipation and innovation have allowed the Matière and Ponticelli Frères groups to develop and endure over time. The objective is therefore, in the long term, to be able to design and /or build all types of steel wind floats.

The objective for Archimed is therefore to assert itself as an innovative pioneer in the floating wind sector.

Floating wind power is an innovative and forward-looking market. At the national level, the target is 40 GW of offshore wind installed by 2050, which corresponds to an estimated amount of 30 to 40 floats per year.

To this end, Archimed has put in place an ambitious plan for the industrialization of offshore wind by integrating the entire value chain. This project, entitled the MPA plant, aims to establish an industrial facility in France dedicated to the construction and assembly of steel wind floats.

ArchiMed, a partner of choice for construction

  • An industrial contractor specializing in floating steel foundations.
  • An entity independent of the design offices able to build any type of design.
  • A solution adapted to your project.
  • A unique manufacturer, from supply to launching and even turbine integration.
  • Optimization of local content with access to final assembly sites in most French ports.